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What is the effect of temperature and viscosity on the selection of high-viscosity pumps?

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The high-viscosity pump is a new type of internal rotor pump,which is specially designed to transport materials with a certain viscosity.It can also be used for materials with solidification or crystallization characteristics in cold areas or at room temperature.

There are many factors that affect the selection of high-viscosity pumps,such as medium characteristics,temperature,viscosity,and purity.Today,Hengsheng Pump Industry specifically talks about the two parameters of temperature and viscosity in the selection.

The influence of temperature on the selection of high-viscosity pumps:

The temperature directly affects the selection of high-viscosity pump body(the pump body has a variety of choices:cast iron,ductile iron,stainless steel,duplex steel,etc.),bearing selection(high temperature resistant type,sliding bearing,rolling bearing,etc.),seal selection(packing Seals,mechanical seals,bellows seals,flush-type seals,etc.),whether the design of insulation jackets,and the temperature resistance of the sealant(ring)between the pump body and the pump cover,etc.

The effect of viscosity on the selection of high-viscosity pumps:

The selection of a high-viscosity pump is closely related to the viscosity of the material.The viscosity determines the choice of the pump revolution,which involves the calculation of flow and flow rate.The speed and flow rate of the high-viscosity pump are in a linear function relationship,and the flow rate is changed by changing the speed.size.The viscosity value of the material also relates to the pump structure.For example,if the viscosity is high and requires heat preservation to have fluidity,it is necessary to choose a pump body with a heat preservation jacket.

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