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What kind of pump is 3RP CAM rotor pump?

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Cangzhou Jiufeng Pumps 3RP cam rotor pump is a rotary positive displacement pump with high efficiency and long life.It is suitable for conveying suspended liquids containing solid particles and media with high requirements for corrosiveness and hygiene.The pump body is in contact with the medium.The parts are all made of stainless steel,and the pump speed can be changed according to the different physical characteristics of the medium.It is widely used in food,beverage,brewing,medicine,daily chemical,petrochemical and other industries.

The working principle of the cam rotor pump:When two rotors with opposite directions are started,the gears are driven to rotate,driving the rotors to rotate,the suction end volume increases,the pressure drops,and the suction force is generated to suck the medium into the cavity.When the medium fills the cavity,it moves to the discharge end.As the rotor continues to rotate,the volume at the discharge end becomes smaller,and the medium is forced out to complete the liquid delivery.

The cam rotor pump is mainly composed of a cam rotor,a shaft seal,and a gear box.A pair of synchronously rotating transmission gears drive the cam rotor to rotate to realize the delivery of the medium.The shaft seal has two forms:mechanical seal and packing seal.It can be selected and designed according to different working conditions.

Advantages of cam rotor pumps:compact structure and small size;driven by synchronous gears,there is no friction between the rotors and long life;it can transport media containing solid particles;the squeezing and shearing of the medium by the pump is very small,negligible,and pulsation Small;the pump body cavity is easy to disassemble and clean;the parts in the pump body cavity are mostly circular in shape with few sharp corners to facilitate cleaning and prevent bacteria from long-term storage of the medium;allow short-term dry rotation;delivery direction:reversible,pump It is a completely symmetrical structure;standard flange interface,interface can also be provided according to customer requirements.

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