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Product advantages, can transport particles, fibers, high viscosity, high solid content and poor fluidity media.

Performance parameter:

Flow rang:0.5m³/h-150m³/h; Output pressure:0.3-2.4MPa;Delivery viscosity range:1-300000Cst;Delivery temperature range:-10℃-120℃

Applicable fields:

It is suitable for petroleum, chemical, shipbuilding, food, medicine, mining, environmental protection and other industries.

It is suitable for conveying sludge, sewage, mortar, flocculant, and mud with high solid content.

Material customization:

Shell materialHT200/QT450/Q235/45#/304 stainless steel/316L stainless steel
Rotor material45#/2Cr13/304 stainless steel/316L stainless steel (surface treatment process: chrome plating).
Stator materialnitrile rubber, fluorine rubber, food rubber, EPDM rubber.
The structure of the single-path rod pump is a screw wrapped in a rubber stator, and the material is discharged during the process of rotation and extrusion. Because this kind of pump will produce high temperature and dry friction problems, our company independently develops a fully automatic temperature control system And automatic water injection cooling system to ensure the normal operation of the single screw pump and greatly extend the service life.

Sealing form:

There are three types of sealing

1. Packing and sealing: The packing and sealing materials are carbon fiber, polytetrafluoroethylene, aramid, graphite, etc.

(Suitable for medium with high temperature, solid particles in the medium, and strong abrasive medium).

2. Skeleton seal: The frame seal materials are nitrile rubber, fluorine rubber and other materials.

(Suitable for working conditions with low conveying pressure, slight particles in conveying medium, and temperature not exceeding 120°C).

3. Mechanical seal: The materials of mechanical seal ring include silicon carbide, tungsten carbide, cemented carbide, etc.

(Suitable for relatively clean media, with stronger pressure-bearing capacity than framework and packing seal).

Installation dimension drawing:




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