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NYP high viscosity pump is a positive displacement inner rotor pump. This type of pump has strong self-priming performance and is suitable for transporting viscous liquids without solid particles and fibers, or even semi-solid liquids, with a maximum transport viscosity of 3,000,000 cst centipoise. It has the advantages of small size, light weight, low pulsation, low noise, stable operation and long life.

Performance parameter:

Flow range:0.1m³/h-230m³/h;Output pressure:0.2-1.6MPa;Delivery viscosity range:10-2000000Cst Delivery temperature range:-40℃-350℃

Applicable fields:

Chemical and petrochemical: petroleum, additives, polymers, lubricating oil, wax oil, asphalt, rosin, fiber, viscose, starch, glue, detergent, grease, latex, resin, silicone oil, chemical fluid, high viscosity fluid

Paint coating: ink, dye, paint, solvent, rubber solution, adhesive, water-based paint, solvent paint, solvent, acrylic paint, water-based paint, solvent-based paint, magnetic paint, varnish, insulating varnish, emulsion

Plastic polyester: polyester resin, epoxy resin, hardener, isocyanate, softener, polyol resin, surfactant, grease, resin, polymer solvent, synthetic resin, adhesive, paste, plastic, and more Chlorinated triphenyl resin, acrylic resin, unsaturated polyester resin, alkyd resin, phenol resin, melamine resin, polyurethane, polystyrene, AS resin, ABS resin, epoxy resin, vinyl acetate, artificial leather, polymerization Body solvent

Daily chemical industry: sulfonic acid, alkylbenzene, fatty alcohol, detergent, shaving cream, cream, shampoo, soap, essence, shampoo

Food industry: vegetable oil, lecithin, syrup, chocolate yeast, protein, honey, glycerin, flavor, cheese, butter, spices, grease, glucose, animal and vegetable oil, edible oil, soybean oil, rapeseed oil, corn oil, butter, margarine , Honey, syrup

Organic silicon industry: glass glue base material, 107 glue, silica gel, silicone oil

Material customization:

Shell materialHT200/HT250/QT450/Q235/45#/304 stainless steel/316L stainless steel
Gear shaft material45#/2Cr13/3Cr13/304 stainless steel/316L stainless steel (heat treatment process: quenching, carburizing, glow ion desalination).
Because this kind of pump transports the medium that is easy to solidify, the housing and bearing bracket of the pump are designed with a heat preservation interface.

Can play the role of heat preservation, the highest conveying temperature is 350℃ (the heat medium that can be used is: heat transfer oil, steam, circulating water).

Sealing form:

There are four types of sealing

1. Packing and sealing: The packing and sealing materials are carbon fiber, polytetrafluoroethylene, four-corner aramid, etc.

(Suitable for medium with high temperature, solid particles in the medium, and strong abrasive medium).

2. Skeleton seal: the dense material of the skeleton is fluorine rubber.

(Suitable for working conditions with low conveying pressure, slight particles in conveying medium, and temperature not exceeding 250°C).

3. Mechanical seal: The material of mechanical seal ring includes silicon carbide, tungsten carbide, cemented carbide, graphite ring, etc.

(With the flushing system, it is suitable for the transportation of high and low temperature media. Under normal conditions, it is suitable for pure and lubricating media. The pressure bearing capacity is stronger than that of the skeleton and packing seal).

4. Magnetic seal: suitable for working conditions such as flammable, explosive, volatile, easy to leak, and toxic.

The biggest advantage of the magnetic seal is that the medium has no leakage and no air leakage, which plays a huge role in the safety and cleanliness of the production environment. It is not sensitive to abnormal pump inlet pressure or unconventional working conditions.

(Magnetic sealing material: isolation sleeve material is divided into 45#/304/Hastelloy C-276. Magnetic material: samarium cobalt alloy).




Installation dimension drawing:




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