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Performance parameter:

Flow range:1m³/h-80m³/h;Head range:12米-125米;Delivery viscosity range:3-150Cst,Petroleum products such as kerosene, diesel, aviation kerosene, etc.

Delivery temperature range:-20℃~+80℃

Applicable fields:

Suitable for medium transportation, pressurization, injection, lubrication and other working conditions, diesel, aviation kerosene and other petroleum products, the temperature of the medium is -20℃~+80℃

Material customization:

Shell material 45#/304 stainless steel/316L stainless steel
Gear shaft material45#/2Cr13/3Cr13/304 stainless steel/316L stainless steel (heat treatment process: quenching, carburizing, glow ion desalination)

Sealing form:

1. Mechanical seal: The materials of mechanical seal ring include silicon carbide, tungsten carbide, cemented carbide, graphite ring, etc.

Our company can customize various forms of pump products according to customer needs.

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